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Goodwood world record attempt

Friends and former colleagues Marcus Green and Phil Rossall are aiming to break the Guinness world record for the full marathon wheelchair push at the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit.


Phil was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2016 and wasn’t expected to live beyond two years. He is now unable to move his limbs or breathe for himself, but he is determined to raise awareness and funds for people living with MND.


A fan of motor racing and all things car-related, Phil is delighted to have the once in lifetime opportunity to go around Goodwood on December 8.


Earlier this year, the duo broke the world record for the half marathon wheelchair push, completing an event in Worthing in one hour, 29 minutes and 38 seconds – six minutes faster than the previous record.


Although Marcus is a very fast marathon runner, nine miles an hour is a huge ask for a sole runner pushing a wheelchair, a ventilator and a dead weight of 11 stone.


Marcus said: “Setting the world record for the half marathon push in Worthing was a wonderful accomplishment earlier in the year.”
and meant a huge amount to Phil.


“Training has been intense since as this is another step up. Anything near the record time for the full 26.2 miles would be fantastic, while a break through the three hour barrier would be a major achievement, I am confident we can do this with a little bit more training.”


The current record is three hours and one minute, and is held by the same Canadian sportsman who held the record for the half marathon wheelchair push.

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