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County councillors say they will continue to fight for A27

County councillors have confirmed they will still do what they can do to continue to support funding for the A27.


Mike Dicker, at the South Chichester County Local Committee, asked councillors: “As you are aware both West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council along with the Build A Better A27 group democratically supported the mitigated northern route. What will this committee do to ensure they work with the future MP of Chichester in securing funding for the democratically chosen and preferred mitigated northern route?”


Former leader, Cllr Louise Goldsmith, said: “As a council, we do have to get behind the approved scheme.


“There are some issues around climate change but the issue around air quality is only going to go one way and that is just not right for the residents. Something has to be done.”


Cllr Jeremy Hunt clarified a point: “There were two routes put forward by the councils with a preference to one.”


Cllr Jamie Fitzjohn added: “As the A27 cuts right through my division this one is quite dear to my heart.


“This council will work with whoever wins the election to ensure the best option is chosen and the funding is there and is actually right for Chichester which is what we have said for the last two, three, four, five years.”

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