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More funding to help homeless

Cabinet members have approved expenditure of £120,000 to relocate a gas main so that temporary housing in Chichester can be redeveloped.


In January this year, councillors supported plans to demolish a property in Freeland Close which they bought in 2017, to be replaced with up to 21


In December, 2017, the council purchased the property at Freeland Close, next to their temporary accommodation at Westward House.


Over the last three years, the council’s temporary accommodation at Westward House has been operating at full capacity, subject to turn around voids.


The council has become increasingly reliant on bed and breakfast (primarily out of the district) for temporary accommodation.


In order to progress the development at Freeland Close, it will be necessary to move a gas main that currently runs through the site.


An estimate of £116,000 has been received from Southern Gas Network (SGN) for the cost of this work and payment is due on placement of an


Positive pre-application planning advice has been received in respect of the proposed development, a planning application is currently being prepared by the consultant architects and is expected to be submitted within the next month.


District council leader Eileen Lintill said she supported the plans, adding:


“I am only disappointed that it has taken so long to get this through.”


Councillors also agreed a cost of £17,000 to pay for eight additional CCTV cameras at Westward House.


There are 47 flats at Westward House, of which only 12 flats are currently directly covered by CCTV at any one time.


In 2014, a CCTV camera system was installed at Westward House to protect the council’s investment, provide better management and protect the health and safety of staff.


Cllr Norma Graves, cabinet member for housing, said she supported the plans, adding:


“Unfortunately, there has recently been an increase in the number of anti-social incidents at Westward House.


“In order to ensure the safety of both staff and residents, a security audit of the scheme was recently commissioned and the report identified that the existing CCTV system provides only limited coverage and recommended that additional cameras are installed to ensure that all communal areas are fully covered.”


The eight additional CCTV camera at Westward House will ensure comprehensive coverage of all flats and the communal areas but not any private spaces.


An additional annual sum of £1,700 is included in the asset replacement programme to cover the future replacement costs and £250 to cover the annual maintenance costs of the CCTV system.

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