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Letter to the editors | Pagham Harbour sewage

Dear Editor


I read with interest your article in your October 11, edition (Issue 180) regarding raw sewage being released into Pagham Harbour area.


Well done, Sarah Logan, for bringing to attention this disgusting, but regular, discharge of raw sewage into the harbour area.


Sarah is not the only person to spot this, it has been mentioned many times but conveniently buried and kept quiet.


I have a small boat in Pagham and on many occasions I have been just off the beach and seen what is obviously raw sewage in the sea water, near to the harbour entrance.


I am sure I am right by saying some years ago the council were told the water authorities couldn’t cope with much more sewage.


I also believe they were at the time told, to ‘ deal with it’. Clearly the water company could not and still cannot ‘deal with it’.


As such, they are allowed to discharge raw sewage into the sea.


The greedy developers don’t give a jot, they build, ruin areas, and leave with fat wallets.


We, the residents, are left to pick up the pieces. They call it progress!


Yours Sincerely
Pete Wakeford

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