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Letter to the editor | Oxmarket Gallery

Dear Editor


I was saddened today to be informed that the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester has taken a retrograde step in making some visitors unwelcome.


More shops, cafes and banks are becoming, indeed advertising, the fact that they are doggy-friendly.


I was saddened today upon entering the Oxmarket Gallery to be informed that my dog was no longer welcome there, not just mine.


Apparently, the “new director” has recently decided to ban dogs.


For many years I have regularly visited the gallery with my dog and have always previously been warmly welcomed.


I have always made a point of buying birthday and greeting cards directly from the gallery as a way of supporting local and fledgeling artists who exhibit there and also support the gallery.


As one looks around, the city shops are encouraging patrons with dog- friendly signs. Places such as the Goodrows, the NatWest bank and the Yorkshire building society in Crane sStreet offer canine visitors treats (to name but a few).


So it is sad that The Oxmarket gallery has decided to take such a retrograde step.


With Regards
Russell S Tullett

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