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Letter to the editor | Arundel bypass

Dear Editor,


When one reads Highways England’s consultation brochure about a proposed Arundel bypass one can’t help doubting the veracity of some of the information one can’t easily verify one’s self when one reads the nonsense they write about Storrington in trying to justify a new road.


Any driver going to face the congestion at Storrington from the Fontwell direction will not be doing so because of any perceived minor delays at peak times at Arundel.


It will be because they are going on towards Horsham or possibly continuing on through Steyning to avoid the huge delays that are common through Worthing.


It is common for delays of hours in getting from one side of Worthing to the other if there is the slightest incident. Just listen to Radio Sussex’s traffic bulletins. Worthing to the River Adur is the worst section of the A27. Followed by the Polegate area then Chichester. Arundel seldom gets a mention.


If there must be a new bypass at Arundel the obvious route is from the east bank of the river to go south of the station and join up at the Crossbush junction.


There’s not even any need for it to be a dual-carriageway. Any slight delays at Arundel at peak times are caused for eastbound traffic by the station pedestrian crossing and for westbound at the Crossbush traffic lights.


A few years ago, Highways England bought all the houses alongside the A27 through Worthing with the intention of building an online dual-carriageway. After years of inaction, the houses were sold off. No doubt at a great loss to the public purse.


Yours sincerely


P.A Blackman, Tye Lane, Walberton

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