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New portrait for new mayor in city parlour

The mayor of Chichester has taken delivery of a new portrait which will hang in his parlour for his remaining term in office.


Cllr Richard Plowman is depicted in the painting wearing his mayoral robes with his mayoral chain.


The portrait in pastels was created by former Chichester art student and friend Fatima Pantoja from Spain who recently rose to fame as a semi-finalist in Portrait Artist of the Year 2019, recently screened on Channel 4.


The mayor said of the painting:


“Chichester is a thriving centre for arts and culture and it is good to see one of its students doing so well and how we encouraged her in her early days.


“I am delighted with the portrait, its energy and captures I believe my personality in a way photograph could ever achieve.”


Cllr Plowman will be holding exclusive ‘afternoon tea with the mayor’ in the Mayor’s Parlour starting later this month, when the public will be able to see the portrait, the Plowman clock and have a tour around the Council House.


Fatima said:


“For Richard’s portrait, I used charcoal and soft pastels, which seems to be very popular since I used it for the Sky Portrait Artist of the Year show.


“Every portrait has a level of difficulty. Some faces are easier than others, luckily, Richard’s face, like his whole personality, is very charismatic, and this really helps when it comes to capture the likeness of a person.


“Although as an artist I’m very critic of my own work, I’m very happy with Richard’s portrait. A portrait is not just about the face, it’s more than that, that is why I prefer to work from life as much as possible.”


“Richard posed for me for 4 hours in the Mayor’s Parlour, and we spoke about all sort of things in a relaxed atmosphere, all adds up and shows in the final result.”


For information on Fatima’s work, visit:

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