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ID for the tip

People wanting to dump their rubbish at amenity tips in West Sussex could soon have to show ID to prove they live in the county.


The county council is considering the move to reduce costs and congestion, particularly at tips close to the boundary, such as East Grinstead, Shoreham, Crawley and Burgess Hill.


If approved, the scheme will start on December 1 and anyone visiting the county’s 11 tips will have to show proof of their address before being allowed to dump their rubbish.


A report due to be put to the environment, communities and fire select committee next week said photo ID such as a driving licence, passport or West Sussex bus pass would be needed, plus a recent utility bill or current council tax bill showing their address.


The report added that some ten per cent of people who used the tips lived in other counties and, if those numbers were cut, the council could save around £250,000 per year in disposal costs.


West Sussex would not be alone in introducing new rules. Surrey County Council brought in an ID scheme in 2017, and Hampshire aims to introduce a permit scheme in January, with people from outside the county being charged £5 per visit.


The report said: “Strong evidence suggests that West Sussex residents are bearing a cost of people from outside the county using the West Sussex household waste recycling sites.


“While some West Sussex residents may use sites outside West Sussex, the net flow is likely to be into West Sussex.


“This balance of movement has tipped further toward West Sussex as adjoining councils implemented more restrictive policies.”


The select committee meeting will be held at County Hall, Chichester, today (Friday) from 10.30am.


Report by Karen Dunn, local democracy reporter

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