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Food collections

Chichester District Council has decided not to take part in the trial run of a food waste collection scheme which is due to start in March next year.


Around 70 per cent of food waste is considered to be avoidable and the scheme, run by the county, would allow councils to test the water and find out how many residents were interested in such a collection.


At a Chichester District Council cabinet meeting held on Tuesday councillors agreed not take part in the plans.


Cllr Eileen Lintill, leader of the council said:


“I think it’s right not to take part at the moment.


“I think the government is in a state of flux – we don’t know what they’re going to come out with.


“I think it would be foolhardy of us to commit lots of revenue to this until we know exactly what the government are going to do.”


The UK’s set waste recycling targets are:


  • 50 per cent by 2020
  • 55 per cent by 2025
  • 65 per cent by 2034


As a county, West Sussex recycled 50 per cent residual waste in the year 2018-2019.


Cllr Lintill added:


“We are also concerned that the trial would require a change to our waste and recycling collection service. This would involve collecting food waste weekly, dry recycling fortnightly and general waste once every three weeks.


“We are concerned that this could be confusing for residents.


“Our environment panel has been tasked by cabinet to keep this under review.”

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