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Elsa digs for treasure at her family allotment

A six-year-old girl has discovered a war plate from a plane from the Second World War.


While digging on the family allotment which is located behind the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, Elsa discovered a piece of bent metal.


Noticing some lettering, Elsa and her father, Ben Davis, decided to give it a clean which revealed a logo comprising of an old aircraft shape and the letters DH over the wings.


Around the logo they could make out the words ‘De Havilland – Controllable Pitch Airscrew’.


Elsa and her dad gave the object to the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum to look at and got a phone call from the curator who told them the wording on manufacturer’s plate as best it can be read appears to be as follows: ‘Made under one more of patent nos 168801 Hamilton standard.’


Ben said:


“The curator explained that there were three types of propeller, fixed pitch, variable pitch (which would also be described as controllable pitch) and constant speed.


“The plate most likely was fitted to the propeller of a Hurricane or Spitfire but could been fitted to other types of aircraft.”

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