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Dumped mobile waste site

Cuts by the county council could threaten a mobile household waste facility in the Chichester district.


West Sussex County Council supports a mobile household waste facility that services rural areas for Selsey and the Witterings.


The mobile recycling service operates on a fortnightly basis every Thursday between 8.15am and 3pm.


Selsey and the Witterings are the only mobile sites in the whole of the county and they cost approximately £57,000 per year to maintain.


Residents can use the service to recycle:


  • Green garden waste
  • Wood
  • Metal items such as pots and pans
  • Cardboard, paper and shredded paper
  • Small electrical items like irons, toasters, hairdryers but not TVs or white goods


Cllr Carol Purnell, a county councillor for Selsey, said:


“It is true that West Sussex County Council is considering the withdrawal of the facility as part of the savings it has to make to close the funding gap.


“No decision has yet been made and discussions are on-going to see if there is another way to provide the service.


“The county council is facing a funding gap of £129 million over the next three years and is trying to maintain the services that they have a duty to provide like social care, education, children’s services, libraries, highways, waste disposal, and the fire service being amongst the main areas.


“Therefore, they are looking at services they do not have a duty to provide and so are looking at the mobile waste service at Selsey and the Witterings.


“It is not currently a done deal as I have said there are discussions ongoing with the parishes involved and with Chichester District Council to see if there are any possible solutions.”


A container is available for non-recyclable material but the mobile recycling service does not accept soil and hardcore or hazardous materials.


The mobile recycling service is not intended for large bulky items, but for household recyclables only.


Residents in the area have expressed concern that removal of this service may encourage fly-tipping.


Fly tipping, when rubbish is dumped illegally on roads or land, is a serious crime that costs the taxpayer £350,000 a year, and could lead to a fine of up to £50,000 and a prison sentence for those responsible.


The district council currently runs a campaign, Against Fly Tipping.


Fly-tipped waste typically consists of household rubbish, large domestic items such as fridges and furniture, garden refuse, building rubble, asbestos waste and tyres.


If you see someone fly-tipping or would like to report an area where fly-tipping has taken place, you should make a note of the date, time, place, description of rubbish and any persons or vehicles involved.


Cllr Donna Johnson, Local Alliance district councillor for Sidlesham with Selsey North, said:


“Both West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council have declared a climate emergency.


“Any cuts to the mobile service work contrary to this declaration and are likely to increase waste and decrease recycling.


“Both Selsey and the Witterings are some way from Westhampnett, so this is not just an issue about waste but environmental pollution, increasing trips into Chichester.


“Many members of our communities may have no choice but to pay for their recyclable waste to be removed.


“They may not be able to afford it, meaning that residents who want to recycle, will not be able to. Councils should be prioritising and facilitating ease of recycling, not making it harder. The potential environmental impact outweighs any budgetary saving.”


For further details on alternative arrangements for a green waste collection service and bulky waste collection service from Chichester District Council, visit:

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