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City’s Extinction Rebellion group reads out declaration

A DECLARATION of rebellions was read at the entrance to the city council house earlier this month.


At exactly 11.58am, the declaration was read at the Council House, North Street, by Extinction Rebellion Chichester.


The declaration was to announce that Extinction Rebellion Chichester will be supporting the International Rebellion that will commence a month later, on October 7.


The declaration stated that even though we are currently in a mass extinction event our government has failed to provide adequate protection. A spokesperson said: “It becomes not only the right, but the duty of its citizens to act on behalf of the security and well-being of our children, our communities and the future of life itself.”


The time 11.58am was chosen as this is the time of the Doomsday clock.


The group, Extinction Rebellion UK point out that, in 2018, the UN Secretary General warned that humanity and life on Earth now faced a ‘direct existential threat’.


The three demands of Extinction Rebellion are: tell the truth, act now and beyond politics.


For more information on the group, visit the Facebook page at: @xrchichester or email:

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