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Protect use of city’s name

A DISTRICT councillor has urged the council to have some control of the use of the city’s name in events.


Following the recent food festival with Rhythm and Blues held in Priory Park last month, former mayor, Cllr Martyn Bell, urged the district council to have more control over the use of ‘Chichester’ when it comes to events held in the


Cllr Bell, a city and district councillor, asked the district council if more could be done to make sure the use of the city’s name was used appropriately.


He said: “The Vision documents support, in my view, a Chichester that reflects the flower festival at the cathedral, Chichester Festival Theatre and Pallant House Gallery. Heritage and culture come through in the documents, all the time.


“It’s not easy to control the general use of the word Chichester, when it comes to the private sector, because it is generic but I do believe that when it comes to an event which involves our land, in other words, hired land, then in our terms and conditions we should reserve the right to quality control the use of the word Chichester.”


At the food festival held last month food stalls included The Cooking Box Ltd, with steak burgers, pork or chicken souvlaki in a pitta bread, offering a touch of Greece, pizzas cooked in a rustic wood-fired oven with a variety of toppings, authentic Thai food and, as a dessert option, sweet crepes.


As well as alcoholic drinks, including beer, cider, Prosecco and gin, coffee, tea and hot chocolate were on offer and ice creams and slush drinks were also popular.


The Great British Cheese Company had a stall for its award-winning, flavoured, waxed cheese truckles, which were complemented by Passion du Fromage Ltd with its Spanish and French saucisson, French cheese and more continental fine foods.


Other stalls ranged from wildlife photo prints, Nepalese, Peruvian and Indian clothes and accessories, silver jewellery and a display by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.


Cllr Bell also said: “Nobody would disagree with a Chichester Flower Festival of the sort that we have, and I am not singling out one particular event but if you are going to have a Chichester Food Festival then it should really be about local food and local produce.


“The one that was held in the city very recently was very international and certainly wasn’t Chichester.


“If it is there already, then to start using it, but if it’s not then in our terms and conditions, let’s make sure that the word Chichester, in publicity and in naming events, is appropriate to our Vision and the values we associate with the Chichester brand.”


Cabinet member for community services and culture, Cllr Roy Briscoe, said: “I think you are right. Chichester should be a brand. I think it is something that we can certainly look at in relation to areas that we control.


“I will speak to the officers about being able to introduce that.”


Council chairman Elizabeth Hamilton added: “Perhaps we could use ‘Chichester district’ as well.”


Cllr Bell agreed, saying: “The branding would apply in my view, certainly to Petworth and the Petworth Festival and values associated there.


“I am sure that goes for Midhurst and Selsey and other places in the district. You are right chairman.”

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