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New homes will not be phased in

A parish council has hit back after planning permission was agreed for 54 homes in Kirdford, near Petworth.


The decision, made by Chichester District Council’s planning committee last week, is agreed subject to a legal agreement to limit the impact of the development on existing residents.


Kirdford Parish Council says it notes the decision by Chichester District Council to approve the application plus associated access roads, car parking, landscaping and public open space, all with unrestricted phasing.


The site is the land on the east side of Plaistow Road, Kirdford, which was allocated for residential development in the Kirdford Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014.


Cllr Tony Piedade, from Kirdford Parish council, stated: “It is regrettable that the Committee did not support the legal document that is our Neighbourhood Plan and instead favoured supporting the disproved arguments presented by CALA Homes on the grounds of viability.


“The committee made a choice to prioritise the convenience for a developer, rather than backing the parish neighbourhood plan policies. A shameful outcome in my view.”


The development will consist of 38 market and 16 affordable units, comprising; six flats, two bungalows, 17 detached two-storey houses, 14 semi-detached two-storey house and 15 terraced two-storey houses.


An area of landscaped open space of approximately 0.25 hectares would be formed along the southern boundary of the site. The open space would incorporate an equipped play area of at least 165 square metres in accordance with the district council’s planning obligations and affordable housing supplementary planning document. The overhead electricity cables would be re-routed underground.


A total of 133 parking spaces will be provided in a mix of on-plot spaces, garages, parking courts and 14 unallocated visitor spaces. Vehicular access will be via widening the existing field-gated entrance on to Plaistow Road.


With regard to pedestrian access, links to the eastern boundary public footpath are proposed at the north-eastern and south-eastern corners of the site.


Following a resolution to grant planning permission on December 13, 2017, planning permission was granted in November 2018 for development of 54 dwellings on the site.


The parish council says that planning permission was previously granted subject to the development being carried out in accordance with a five-year, two-phase scheme which was secured by a combination of the consent’s planning conditions and legal obligations contained in the Section 106 agreement.


It says that the prior planning permission was not commenced and the contractors, CALA Homes, then applied for planning without phasing, which has now been granted.


The district councils planning committee considered that the lack of progress made in respect of this site, which had been allocated in the Kirdford Neighbourhood Plan, represents a strong justification for now granting permission without any phasing restrictions.


CALA Homes estimates after pre-commencement conditions are satisfied, preparatory site works including the undergrounding of the power line could start in 2020 with completion by 2023.

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