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Letter | Is is the dirtiest bus station in the country?

Dear Editor,


After a visit to the celebrated cathedral we walked through the grounds noting the effort put into the pristine gardens. And what a credit it all is to the city of Chichester, certainly our favourite place to visit without the hindrance of a vehicle.


We strolled to the bus station and what a shock to the sight and senses that was! Is is the dirtiest bus station in the country?


It’s open to the elements, leaving large puddles when it rains. There are no toilet facilities, just damaged wooden benches to sit on, usually wet.


When asking why no buses are available people have been ignored.


It’s incredible in a prestigious city like this. It’s been going on for years, there is not a timetable that seems to work and a damaged roof allows water to drip onto the miserable waiting public.


I saw an old woman wandering from driver to driver asking ‘Where is my bus?’ One said, ‘Look at the bus schedules madam’, and quickly hurried on.


There’s no doubt this place is an embarrassment to the historic city of Chichester. Why has nothing been done about it?


Portsmouth had a similar problem, certainly not as bad as this one, now they have an efficient bus station to be proud of! Their drivers wear smart uniforms and are happy to help the travelling public.


Come on Chichester, time for action!


Yours sincerely,
Brian Farrelly
Isle of Wight

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