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Climate campaigners hold meeting with MP

CLIMATE campaigners met the city’s MP last month at St Paul’s Church along with members of Extinction Rebellion, Eco Chi, Save our Harbour Villages and other groups. 



Protesters lined the entrance carrying banners including Rebel for Life, More Trees Please, Stop Ecocide and There’s No Planet B. 



There followed a two hour meeting with some 50 people in support of Extinction Rebellion’s three demands: 



  1. Government must tell the truth and declare a climate and ecological emergency
  2. Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and loss of biodiversity by 2025
  3. Government must create and be led by the decisions of a citizens’ assembly on climate and ecological justice.



Mrs Keegan accepted that government has repeatedly got it wrong for decades,  not adequately taking account of the growing scientific evidence.  Although she had not met Greta Thunberg on her recent visit to the UK, she acknowledged and praised the impact of this schoolgirl in drawing attention to our need to act now.



The MP also made a point of the Extinction Rebellion movement only coming into existence late last year and the Government has responded through committing to a 2050 target.  



Comments from the audience included that there is no plan from the Government to fix the impending catastrophe.



Mrs Keegan told the audience that the response needs to be global but also discussed numerous problems at Chichester level, especially the problems around the large increase in housebuilding, and the need to make new housing energy efficient.



The MP also made a note of many individual points and promised to investigate them further and raise them in parliament. 



She also agreed to consider meeting again to explore and evaluate local actions and plans, as well as post reports of progress on her website so people know where to look for updates.




Some positive ideas were also raised such as using an empty shop in the city for a resource and information centre for the public.


By Kelly Wickham

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