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Chichester Tory Councillor quits for Brexit Party candidate

A COUNTY councillor has confirmed he has quit the Conservatives in favour of the Brexit Party.


Cllr Viral Parikh, who represents the Bourne ward, in Chichester said he decided to leave the Conservative party for the most significant issue of this generation which is Brexit. 



He told the Chichester Post:



“I am a Brexiteer who believes that UK will prosper and do better outside the EU. I believe that the money which we give to the EU should be rather used in our country for education, local government, NHS, social and health care etc. 



“I also believe that we should look at foreign aid and projects like HS2 etc as we could use that money where it is required the most.



“I am leaving the Conservative Party because of national politics and our MPs refusing to accept democratic mandate from people. 



“Politics needs to be changed and  the will of the people should be and must be respected. I would have never left the Conservative Party if Brexit would have been sorted because my heart and values are and will always be Conservative. 



“I am extremely proud and happy the way our council is run under Conservatives and I cannot fault the hard work, dedication and vision of West Sussex County Council leader Louise Goldsmith.


“She has always supported, helped, respected and valued my input and aspirations for the better of this county.”



Cllr Goldsmith added:


“Viral Parikh formally advised me of his resignation from the Conservative Party on Saturday. A keen supporter of Brexit he now feels his views on this matter of national politics are more closely aligned to the Brexit Party and resigned from the Conservative Party on Saturday afternoon. His decision therefore has no connection with the county council and its work for our residents.



“For the two years that he served as a Conservative county councillor he has worked both on the public health and community agendas, his contribution has been positive and I thank him for the work he has done.”

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