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Bikes in city train station are safer

BICYCLES are three times less likely to be stolen from Chichester train station that Bognor Regis’s.


A BBC study highlighted the number of bikes stolen from Chichester train station since 2016 and the results show that for every thousand visitors at Bognor Regis station in 2018, three bikes were taken compared to one in Chichester.


Trevor Tupper, the secretary and treasurer for the West Sussex Rail Users Association, said: “I know there have been lots of bikes stolen from Bognor Station, especially when compared to Chichester.


“Chichester station has a great bike set up, with a two-tiered lock area, close to the building and monitored by CCTV.


“Bognor’s bike area is outside the actual station and isn’t as well monitored.


“The association has suggested moving the bike shelter to platform four where it can be over-looked more closely.”


Despite having double the number of  people passing through the station annually, Chichester Station had 138 bikes stolen since 2016, just 29 more than Bognor Regis.


Sam Jones, senior campaigns officer at the charity Cycling UK, said: “Bicycle theft might seem a relatively minor offence, and unfortunately is sometimes treated as such by some police forces, but it is definitely not.


“It’s a low risk, high reward crime, with stolen bikes easily changing hands for hundreds or even thousands of pounds on the internet.


“The majority of these bicycles stolen from train stations are not just play things, but are undoubtedly being used as a vital link in someone’s journey to work or school.”


Like the West Sussex Rail Users Association, Cycling UK also put emphasis on improving measures that are already in place.


“With the Government investing £6.8m in new cycle–rail parking, it’s crucial that these new spaces are built to high standards, not just in terms of accessibility but also security.


“This would involve CCTV and ensure that they are close to the station itself.


“Bike theft is notoriously under-reported, which is one of the reasons it is not given the attention it deserves.


“To help the police prioritise this crime, it’s important that victims do report it to the police,” its spokesman said.

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