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Beach cleaning kits at campsite

AN EAST Wittering campsite is doing its bit for the marine environment by providing “Beach Clean Kits”.


The dangers of marine plastic pollution and the widespread detrimental effects on marine ecosystems has been highlighted by David Attenborough’s recent Blue Planet series on TV.


Stubcroft Farm has decided to do their bit to help clean up the  coastline by funding the costs of putting together several beach clean kits as part of their local environmental efforts.


These kits are loaned free of charge to campers who want to help clean up the beaches and reduce the amount of plastic entering the seas along our part of the south coast.


They will also be available to local community groups and volunteers.


The kits come in two sizes, smaller family size bags suitable for one or two families and larger tote boxes suitable for bigger groups.


Each kit contains everything needed to safely collect all types of beach waste. They include litter pickers, hi vis safety vests, bag holders and bags, gloves, sharps kits, advisory notes and much more.


Already the cmapsite’s first three families collected six large rubbish bags of mixed plastic waste from local beaches last weekend which has prevented this from being washed out to sea by the tides.


The beach cleaning also raises awareness from other beach goers and hopefully will make them think twice about leaving litter on the beaches.


As an optional extra, there are also recording sheets which the campsite return to the Marine Conservation Society which helps it monitor the sources and type of marine waste to help put pressure on companies and politicians to reduce polluting plastics, especially single use plastics, at source.


Campsite owner Simon Green says: “The majority of our campers as well as the huge influx of summer tourists come to this area to enjoy our great sandy beaches. Whilst many are responsible & take their rubbish back with them, significant amounts of rubbish are left on the beaches especially after busy weekends.


“Large amounts of all kinds of plastic rubbish is also washed up by incoming tides from old fishing nets to plastic bottles and bags, all of which has a detrimental effect on marine wildlife. We hope our Beach Clean Kits will help remove sat least some of this rubbish and stop it being washed back out to sea.”


If anybody is interested in borrowing any of the kits, email: or call: 01243 671469 for further details.

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