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Student inspires city hair salon to make prom dreams come true

An inspirational Chichester student’s pioneering charity scheme to provide prom dresses and shoes for less-fortunate youngsters has been given a welcome boost by the city’s leading hair salon.


Q Hair and Beauty joined forces with Dresses and Dreams to make sure young promgoers look fabulous on the big night by offering to do their hair and make-up free of charge.


Megan Jaclyn Smith, 21, who is taking a degree in social work at the University of Portsmouth, has established Dresses and Dreams to give girls in care the opportunity to enjoy a night that students look forward to throughout their time at school.


Megan said: “When teenage girls are in either residential children’s homes or foster care, they do not receive funding from the local authority for prom dresses, transport or hair and make-up.


“Prom is such a big thing in teenage culture. I want to make sure that every single girl, no matter their background, feels empowered and beautiful on their special night.”


She has had unique prom dresses in a stunning array of different sizes, colours, brands and designs donated from all over the country, even as far away as Newcastle.


Megan also appealed to local businesses to support her charity and Q Hair and Beauty was quick to offer its services, from individual hair and make-up to master classes.


“We are truly inspired by Megan’s creative idea to help provide dresses and shoes for proms,” said Dawn Lawrence Grant, managing director of Q Hair and Beauty.


“It’s an expensive business these days and it’s wonderful to see these dresses being re-used, creating less waste and helping at the same time. When I heard about Megan’s appeal I just felt inspired to help.


“I took a leaf out of her book and thought okay, so what can we do to help her complete her own dream? So we met up and discussed offering initially complimentary prom hair services in the salon, with a view of looking ahead and as it becomes more popular, offering workshops so the girls can learn at the same time.


“It is a very exciting project and we will be there to support Dresses and Dreams for the long-term.”


Megan is delighted with the support from Q, especially as it looks ahead and could help many more girls in the future.


“I am so grateful to have the support from Q Hair and Beauty, a great local business with years and years of supportive charity work,” she said.


“The next thing on my list is organising a photo shoot to display the dresses available for this year’s prom and I hope that, by next year, I can venture out even further and provide the same opportunity for boys.”


For more details, visit the Instagram page – dressesndreams_charity


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