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Roadworks at Portfield set to cause diversions and delays

The A27 Portfield scheme is now set to begin on Monday.


Diversions along the A27 Westhampnett bypass will be in place during the night of Monday, July 8, while the road is temporarily closed and traffic management measures – including the narrowing of the two lanes and the reduction of the speed limit to 50mph – are installed.


Works on the road will commence on Tuesday, which will involve dropping existing overhead extra high voltage cables to the ground and reconnecting them to the west of the new access junction into Shopwyke Lakes.


This is expected to last approximately two weeks. While power will be disconnected during the works, it is not expected to affect local residents or businesses surrounding the area.


The third phase of forming the new junction will then commence, with works anticipated to last until late autumn.


The roadworks are part of the wider A27 Portfield scheme, for the Shopwyke Lakes development to the A27 Chichester bypass, A27 Westhampnett bypass, Portfield Way, Shopwhyke Road and Oving Road.


The planned works form part of the planning permission for the new Shopwyke Lakes development.


Which will bring 585 new homes and community facilities to Shopwhyke Road and are set to continue until autumn 2020.


For more information and updates on the A27 Portfield scheme, visit:

Posted in Local Developments, News.