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Letter | Jane Church

Dear Editor,


I doubt that I was the only reader to see the irony of placing a photograph of Michael Schumacher’s car at the Festival of Speed immediately above the headline ‘District has high emissions’ (Post, July 12). Perhaps the new ‘climate emergency officer’ at the district council might have some good ideas for reducing the adverse effects of events like this in future?


Here are some other ideas to get said ‘climate emergency officer’ started in their new role. How about asking the top officers at West Sussex County Council to forego some of their salaries, now that the range of services they offer is destined to decline even further? The savings could be used to continue subsidising bus services in the district.


Or maybe people would be enabled to walk more often if every busy road (which, now I think of it, is every road in the area) were to have a pavement along at least one side of it?


Narrowing the carriageway by a couple or three feet might discourage drivers from driving quite so quickly and, thereby, reduce emissions even further. They could also ask Network Rail to install a signal on the west-bound railway track nearer to Chichester so that the crossing gates could be lowered for a shorter period of time, thus reducing emissions from vehicles which idle whilst stuck in the queues?


Jane Church
Brampton Court

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