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Letter | Dr Cristina Vitan and Dr Florian Schmidt

Dear Editor,


With great sadness, we read on the front page of the Chichester Post (Issue 165) of the Ofsted report of the inadequate level of teaching at Rumboldswhyke School. Or should we rather say, the inadequate Ofsted report?


Rumboldswhyke School is known among parents as a very good school, loving and nurturing. Even the Ofsted report found that parents feel that their children are happy, safe and are well cared for in the school.


The headteacher and her team have always been highly regarded among the parental community. Most of the staff at Rumboldswhyke School have been in their posts for lengthy periods, giving the school a stable and thriving environment.


So one wonders, how can parents and Ofsted be so different in their overall view? Who is the best judge of a school, the parents or Ofsted?


No one can ignore, however, how damaging a negative Ofsted report is to a school, its staff morale and the possible impact on the local community.


We have already learned about the heart and soul of the school, the head teacher and the deputy head teacher leaving their positions. This is indeed very sad news to all children and their parents.


We are pleased to hear that two experienced teachers have been promptly appointed for September, but the question remains, has the time come for parents to challenge an institution that can label a school inadequate through what appears a rigid and incomplete system?


Surely we, as parents, should have a greater say and value in the final outcome of any Ofsted inspection report.


Yours sincerely,
Dr Cristina Vitan and
Dr Florian Schmidt

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