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Letter | Doreen Healy

Dear Editor,


I visit Chichester at least four or five times a year as it is one of my favourite places to visit and I love the drive via the Hartings.


Last Wednesday, when I had one of my lovely visits, I picked up the Chichester Post (Issue 167). I do not think I have done so before. I was delighted to read the history of the Bishop’s Palace Gardens.


Whenever I am in Chichester, I call into the cathedral, and always the Bishops Gardens. So it was a great pleasure to read Pat Saunders’ article.


Normally, Itake a picture from the gardens, somewhat like the one shown in your paper, but, this time, although it was a beautiful day and the gardens looked superb, the scaffolding was too prominent, so I will look at my previous photos.


Thank you for the excellent newsy free paper. Sussex is lucky to have such.


Kind regards to all concerned.
Doreen Healy, Fleet, Hampshire

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