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Health | The natural benefits of coconut yoghurt
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You either love it or you hate it, but if you haven’t tried it yet I would highly recommend you give coconut yoghurt a try.


If you like creamy things, and want something that is good for your gut, which is non-dairy, then this could be your new sweet food of choice!


It is pressed from the white flesh of the coconut, which has also been shown to lower bad cholesterol, and may help to reduce belly fat. It contains natural anti-oxidants, which help to rejuvenate cells and remove free radicals. But most of all, its delicious.


There are a variety of benefits associated with the consumption of coconut, but most of these are typically related to eating coconut oil or coconut milk. Since coconut yogurt lacks most of the nutritional benefits contained in other coconut products, like raw coconut, milk and cream, its main benefits are related to the fermentation process used to make it.


As a probiotic rich food, coconut yogurt can improve the health of your gastrointestinal microbiome. Your microbiome is important as it influences a lot of different aspects of your health — from your personality, (yes that’s right) to perhaps more obviously related digestive system issues, like irritable bowel syndrome.


Your gut microbiome can also affect your immune system, and central nervous system, and if you are out of balance, your body will know about it!


Your gastrointestinal system and brain are actually directly linked via a cranial nerve known as the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is capable of sensing the types of microbes in your digestive system’s microbiome, which in turn influences your health.


Coconut yogurt is usually perceived as equivalent to yogurt made from animal-produced skim milk, making it ideal for people who are keen on avoiding animal-based products.


Coconut yogurt is usually made from fermented coconut milk. This food is essentially a plant-based yogurt that’s usually made without animal milk, making it ideal for people following vegan or paleo diets or people who are intolerant of other plant-based products, like soy.


Coconut yogurt is lactose and casein-free, naturally creamy and sweet. You should be aware that some coconut yoghurts may use animal products, like gelatin or cow’s milk. This means that they may be called coconut yoghurt but could actually be a mixture of coconut milk and milk from animal sources. So make sure you read the label!


Also, one big thing to be aware of (because I have recommended this to clients in the past and they have bought the wrong type) don’t confuse coconut-flavoured yoghurt with/for coconut yogurt.


Such products are not made from coconut milk, they are likely to be just regular cow’s milk-based yogurt or soy yogurt, sweetened with coconut flavouring.


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