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You are what you eat!


Why has happiness taken over our conversation so much recently? Every time you open a newspaper or turn on a television interview, someone is talking about tools and ways to create more happiness in your life.


The other day I heard an interview with the well-known celebrity, Fearne Cotton, about her daily struggles in life from anxiety and the ways that she has learned to cope.


Just because someone appears to have everything, such as fame, money, and the perfect image, doesn’t mean they do not have their own issues.


I think it’s an amazing thing that she is speaking so freely about her own struggles, in such a public way, as many of my clients suffer from anxiety, depression and mental health-related ailments, which can make life very challenging at times.


Even the very knowledge that others are out there feeling exactly the same as you, is a good place to start, because you don’t feel so alone.


I was pleased to hear that Fearne has created a mini festival all based around happiness!


Ferns Happy Place festival is taking place at London’s glorious Chiswick House and Gardens and Cheshire’s picturesque Tatton Park, in collaboration with Rituals and is a welcome addition to Fearne’s hugely-acclaimed Happy Place podcast and her Sunday Times best-selling book, Happy.


So what is the purpose of this festival? It aims to help clear the mind and bring simple joy and help to unlock that inner happiness


Each moment of the festival will be a fully immersive experience giving people the chance to go and escape anything that they are dealing with in real life and come away with some brilliant tools to help them in the future.


There will be workshops in yoga, live podcasts and talks from inspiring individuals plus outlets from exciting wellbeing businesses and joyful food to sample.


It sounds like the perfect day to me! But don’t forget that a lot of the way we feel can be directly related to the food that we eat on a daily basis and a lack of exercise.


If you are eating a diet high in sugar, bad fats and lots of hidden chemicals in the form of E numbers and other toxic substances, the chances are you are not going to feel great.


Over a long period of time, this may have an impact on your health in one way or another. If you never exercise at all, then this will impact you too.


There is so much information out there to help you get back on track.


Some people I have met at my clinics simply don’t realise how important it is to feed your body with amazing health -enhancing foods, in order to create better enzymes activity in the body, cleaner blood, better digestion etc.


All this with a good exercise regime will seriously have a huge impact on your body and make all the difference to how you feel.


The diet plan that I devised a few weeks ago now is surprising me daily with reports of improvements, not only with the body weight and shape, but on happiness levels, too.


I think because people are getting the results that they want, this is making them feel good, but not only that, they are feeling mentally stronger as well, because of the amount of goodness going into their bodies!


It’s incredible that in just seven days you can transform yourself on many levels. So imagine, 14 days, or 21 days!


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