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Harbour holds a plastic event

Chichester Harbour Conservancy has announced that it will be hosting a landmark symposium focusing on microplastics and microfibres present in Chichester Harbour.


The symposium, on Tuesday, July 9, which is being funded by Ignite, with contributions from the Conservancy and the Friends of Chichester Harbour, will be chaired by Dr Helen Czerski, oceanographer, physicist and broadcaster.


Its aim is to highlight recent research on the prevalence and significance of microplastic contamination in the harbour and its effects on marine organisms.


The event will draw together the findings of recent research, along with closely related information from other universities and organisations to facilitate discussions that will further understanding of the issues, identify shortfalls in knowledge, raise awareness and work towards solutions.


Key speakers include:


  • Dr Corina Ciocan – marine biologist at the University of Brighton, with expertise in functional ecotoxicology and biological responses of marine organisms to environmental stressors.
  • Professor Chris Joyce – Professor of Ecology in the School of Environment and Technology and director of the Centre of Aquatic Environments at the University of Brighton.
  • David Jones – researcher, speaker, campaigner, underwater photojournalist and cameraman and technical media diving specialist.


Richard Craven, director and harbour master, said: “The awareness of microplastics in our water and food chain has become more developed in recent years with a series of important pieces of research lending weight to our collective concerns.


“The message has also grown in strength in the general public’s minds – particularly following some of the mainstream documentaries such as the BBC’s Blue Planet and War on Plastic.


“We look forward to welcoming this knowledgeable group of specialists to explore the current situation in Chichester Harbour and help us understand and assess this worrying situation.”

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