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An apple talk at the community orchard

Readers and fruit lovers were treated to a special talk by a herbalist on Saturday at Whyke Community Orchard.


‘Tales from the Orchard’ told by Steve Taylor, was a retelling of the old myths of the Green Man, about how the Golden Apple gives immortality, and where to find the healing herbs.


In the best storytelling tradition, Steve appealed to young and old alike with multi-layered stories, illustrated directly in the orchard with its crops of young heritage apples and plums serving as the backdrop.


The Community Orchard in Whyke offers a unique ambience as a place to breathe and relax a little, while being tantalised by intrigue and mystery. Who was it who stole fire? Which one of the gods ate their mother-in-law and more to the point, why?


Steve picked from his fund of stories and personalised the telling for those who turned up to hear him.


He drew on the ancient art of oral storytelling and weaved a web of mystery, just suitable for accompanied children from seven years upwards.


Last year, Steve was able to keep going for far longer than the hour billed, until at last the promoter of the event interposed into Steve’s reverie and brought his audience back to the real world with a promise of more to come.


Steve has been a herbalist for a long time. Having previously run the Medicine Garden in Emsworth, he’s consolidated his practice locally in Chichester with a dispensary and consulting room open three mornings a week.


Participants were invited to try elderflower cordial made from locally picked elderflowers and limeflower tea known for its de-stressing properties.

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