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A blooming marvellous time at Boxgrove flower festival

Organisers of a flower festival in Boxgrove are pleased with the growing success of the event.


The festival entitled ‘In quires and places where they sing’ – a quote from a prayer book, was the theme depicted in the flower arrangements – which were held in the beautiful priory church in Boxgrove on Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week.


The flower arrangements each represented an anthem from the choral repertoire and were arranged by Boxgrove’s own team of arrangers, with others from the cathedral and other Sussex parishes.


“A good number of people came to see the displays, and seemed both impressed and captivated by the beauty of it all,” said the parish Priest, Father Ian Forrester.


Commenting on the choir concert, which was given by the well-regarded Priory Choir, Fr Ian went on to say: “It was a brilliant concert which was directed by Alex Dichmont and accompanied by Matthew Cooke.


“The choir produced a fine sound across a variety of styles.


“In these days we have celebrated the beauty of God’s creative gifts, and many have expressed their gratitude for all the work involved.”


Organiser, Father Peter Padova, said his favourite flower was the rainbow coloured roses which were individually dyed to create the effect and entitled ‘I Was Glad’ as a rainbow peace symbol.


The event which is held every other year (in between the famous Chichester Cathedral’s festival of flowers) saw volunteers and organisers with matching aprons which Fr Peter nicknamed as ‘a-blaise’ with colour, after Saint Blaise.


He said: “It was a lovely community event with the flower arrangers of the priory, clubs, friends and visitors.


‘It was a really jolly weekend, one of the happiest I have done and it was a delight working with everyone. Just a very happy and lovely occasion.”

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