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Health | Beating prostate issues with zinc
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Some prostates are larger than others. An enlarged prostate gland affects 80 per cent of men over the age of 50, and more studies are coming to the conclusion that diet and lifestyle choices can have a direct impact on this condition.


Flax seeds, for example, have been found to work, as well as leading drugs, without any of the adverse side effects. Garlic and onions are also right up there with the healing foods, as are legumes, beans, peas and lentils. These all help to keep the blood sugar levels in the body more balanced, which in turn stabilises your hormones.


Men with either BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer have been found to have lower levels of zinc in their bodies, sometimes up to 75 per cent lower than those with healthy prostates.


If you want to increase your zinc intake, its far better to come from a natural food source if you can. Pumpkin seeds, almonds, sesame seeds and adzuki beans are all high in natural zinc.


Bell peppers are also a great addition as they are so high in vitamin A and C, and the lycopene in tomatoes which gives them their red colour is very powerful when combined with a food containing good fat such as avocado or nuts.


Pairing foods together that contain high amounts of vitamins and fats can significantly enhance your absorption and conversion of certain health- enhancing foods that the body needs.


This can help with all sorts of ailments in the body as well as supporting healthy skin, vision and immunity. A plate full of vegetables every day is essential to help with the body’s inflammation and increase your multiple vitamin and mineral intake.


Being a healthy weight and managing your diet and lifestyle is key to decreasing your risks of any disease. Another massively important factor is to increase your exercise regime as this can help your bladder to improve and empty at a normal rate.


The combination of healthy natural foods, healing herbs, green tea, exercise and movement all help to keep the hormones stable and balanced and this is exactly what you need when addressing hormone-related diseases.


High sugar, lots of alcohol, white breads, and white pastas will all play havoc with your hormones and immune system, whether you are male or female, and as you age your risk of cancer increases.


So the ideal thing for you to do is to take care of your body through the right lifestyle choices the best way you can, and it’s really much more simple than you think.


Eating patterns and foods become a habit, so just try to include a few more of the ones that you know will really help you every day and you will soon start to see and feel improvements in your body and your energy!


If you need help with your health and would like a personalised nutrition plan, then look no further.


I use a testing devise in my clinic so I can see exactly what’s going on in your body, and can then treat you accordingly.


Health is all that matters because life is for thriving.

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