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Community News & Views | Pop-up theatre returns

Chichester Community Theatre’s popular free pop-up theatre performances will be returning as part of the Festival of Chichester 2019, featuring ‘A Witty Tribute to N F Simpson’, directed by Roger Redfarn and produced by Kathy Sykes.


To celebrate the centenary of the birth of the talented ‘comic genius’, Norman Frederick Simpson, Roger Redfarn has selected three of his short plays – ‘Gladly Otherwise’, ‘Oh’ and ‘One Blast and Have Done’.


According to Roger: “N. F. Simpson has been rather forgotten, but he helped spawn a generation of incredible comic talent and influenced the writing of Monty Python and Peter Cook among many others.


“I thought we should celebrate his centenary by performing a selection of his short works to showcase his talent, which is a comic brew from Lewis Carroll, W. S. Gilbert and The Goons.


“He was one of the leading exponents of the ‘Theatre of the Absurd’, and was a major force in the satire boom of the sixties. He wrote exceptional comedy for film and TV for the likes of John Cleese, Beryl Reid and Eric Sykes, as well as brilliantly funny plays for the theatre, many performed in the West End and at the Royal Court.


“No booking is required, people can just turn up, admission is free and all the venues are easy to get to as they’re all centrally located. It’s a fantastic opportunity to come along, take a break from shopping, support the festival and discover the comic genius of N F Simpson.”


Lasting in total about 25-minutes, the three short ‘A Witty Tribute to N F Simpson’ plays will be performed by Barry Smith, Pat Thompsett, Roger Booth, Tiffin Jones, Barbara MacWhirter and Linda Hull and will take place on the following dates at various city centres venues:


Saturday, June 15, at St John’s Chapel, St John’s Street, PO19 1UU at 11am
Saturday, June 22, at Pallant House Gallery Garden, East Pallant, PO19 1TJ at 11am
Saturday, June 29, at the Studio at New Park Centre, New Park Road, PO19 7XY at 11am
Saturday, July 6, at Chichester Library, Tower Street, PO19 1QJ at 2pm

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