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The first Peregrine chicks at the cathedral has hatched

The first three of four eggs have officially hatched at Chichester Cathedral.


The peregrines, which nest at the cathedral every year, have become proud parents just days after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


The first egg hatched on Wednesday morning and by Thursday morning there were three chicks spotted among mum and dad in the nesting box at the Cathedral.


Chichester Cathedral is currently running open days at the weekends with David Shaw Wildlife.


From the cafe, people are able to watch a live webcam view of the nesting site in the spire.


Since early January, the male and female have been spotted on a number of occasions and it looks like the birds are settling in well and a baby chick hatched just a few days ago.


Peregrine falcons were driven to near extinction in the UK through the use of pesticides and hunters.


The birds are protected by laws reinforced by European legislation known as the Nature Directives.


Chichester Cathedral site was the first in Europe to host a peregrine webcam to provide an intimate view of peregrines raising their young.


Peregrines were seen on the tower in the mid 1990s and may well have been visiting for many hundreds of years before.


They have been very successful nesting on the cathedral and have fledged more than 60 chicks since the first in 2001.


The series of open days are being held at weekends.


The remaining dates are May 18, 19, June 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23 from 10am to 4pm– all weather permitting.


To find out more or to watch the peregrines, visit:

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