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Letter | Michael Fulcher

Dear Sir,


I wish to respond to the letter you printed last week that called for climate change to be urgently classified as an ’emergency’.


I’m (sadly) old enough to remember the 1970s when the scientific community was in complete agreement that the world was on a cooling trend, and that temperatures were about to plunge.


The more pessimistic voices predicted this cooling would cause global famines before the end of the century, and one of the cures suggested involved putting coal soot on the polar ice caps to melt them. (Newsweek 1975)


I’m not a climate change denier. Maybe the scientists are right this time and we have got 12 years to save humanity from roasting to death; but society (thankfully for us) managed to avoid any kneejerk reactions in the 70s and I think it’s important we now tread with equal caution.


Yours sincerely,
Michael Fulcher
Church Lane, Bognor Regis

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