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Community News & Views | Canal Trust heads to Parliament

Chichester Ship Canal Trust joined MPs, members of the House of Lords and members of waterway restoration groups nationwide at a Parliamentary reception, hosted by the Inland Waterways Association (IWA).


The annual event was held at the Houses of Parliament, and Mark Stoneham, trustee, represented the Canal. He said: “Unfortunately I wasn’t able to help out with Brexit, but I did manage to meet many waterways colleagues from across the country, and it was fascinating to see the size of some of the projects undertaken.”


Activities supported by the IWA, of which Chichester Canal is a member, fall broadly into four categories: regeneration, personal development / wellbeing, creating community spaces and enhancing heritage and habitats.


Mark continued: “While our regeneration need is not significant compared to work in inner cities, it is clear Chichester Ship Canal Trust is doing great work in the other three areas. It’s a reminder to us to highlight the work we’re doing, and plan to do, to key decision makers and our elected representatives.”


From the speakers at the reception, Mark took away a few lessons, which he’s brought back to the Canal with him. First, that the job is never finished. Secondly, do it a bit at a time. Thirdly, and most importantly, always appreciate the great support from volunteers, without whom nothing would be possible.


With a team of over 140 volunteers, Chichester Canal appreciates they make everything possible.

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