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Election nominations for Chichester District Council

Over 100 candidates are trying to represent the Chichester area on Chichester District Council.


A fierce political battle is starting to fill the 36 seats which are available in the May 2 poll.


The number of councillors is reducing to 36 this May from the previous 48, following the boundary review.


Voters have an array of political persuasions from which to choose when they visit the polling station. Several Independents are also seeking to make their mark.


The Conservatives want to hold on to their continuous control of the council since it was formed in 1974. Their opponents will be seeking to bolster their numbers to provide a meaningful range of views on the local authority.


In May, 2015, nearly 68 per cent of residents in the district voted in the parliamentary, district and parish elections.


Going into the election, the Conservatives had 39 members, the Liberal Democrats had five, there were four Independents and no Labour representatives.


This is the full list of hopefuls seeking residents’ votes around Chichester.


Chichester Central (1 seat)
Martyn John Bell (C)
Anne Scicluna (LD)
Malcolm Shepherd (L)


Chichester East(2 seats)
Polly Gaskin (G)
John Hughes (LD)
Kevin Hughes (L)
Jane Kilby (C)
Sarah Lishman (L)
Christopher Spink (C)
terry Walters (UKIP)
Michael Woolley (LD)


Chichester North (2 seats)
Peter Budge (C)
Tony Dignum (C)
Julian Joy (LD)
Theo Kent (L)
Lucy Noble (G)
Richard Plowman (LD)


Chichester South (2 seats)
Mandy Atkinson (L)
Heather Barrie (G)
Angus Bond (LD)
Jamie Fitzjohn (C)
Nigel Galloway (C)
Sarah Sharp (G)
John Turbefield (LD)
Philip Wilson (L)


Chichester West (2 seats)
Clare Apel (LD)
John-Henry Bowden (LD)
Andrew Emerson (P)
Stepehen Hill (C)
James Hobson (L)
Simon Lloyd-Williams (C)
Michael Mason (UKIP)
Aimie Merrett (L)
Mick Thorn (I)


Easebourne – parishes of Easebourne, Heyshott and Lodsworth (1 seat)
Francis Hobbs (C)
Alexander Motley (LD)


Fernhurst – parishes of Fernhurst, Lurgashall, Linch, Linchmere and Milland (2 seats)
Norma Graves (C)
John Morton (LD)
Hugh Pearce (UKIP)
Peter Wilding (C)


Fittleworth – parishes of Barlavington, Bignor, Bury, Duncton, East Lavington, Fittleworth, Graffham, Stopham and Sutton (1 seat)
Sean Cemm (LD)
Alan Sutton (C)
Goodwood – parishes of Boxgrove, Eartham, East Dean, Singleton, Upwaltham, West Dean and Westhampnett (1 seat)
Jack Lovejoy (LD)
Philip Maber (G)
Henry Potter (C)


Harbour Villages – parishes of Appledram, Bosham, Chidham, Donnington and Fishbourne (3 seats)
Andrew Collins (C)
Mike Dicker (C)
Steve Gough (L)
David Mackintosh (LD)
Adrian Moss (LD)
Michael Neville (G)
Penny Plant (C)
David Rodgers (LD)
Jane Towers (L)
Jane Turton (L)


Harting – parishes of Elsted & Treydford, Harting, Nyewood, Rogate and Trotton (1 seat)
Lawrence Abel (C)
Kate O’Kelly (LD)


Lavant – parishes of Funtington and Lavant (1 seat)
Matthew Leeming (LD)
Gwen Miles (L)
David Palmer (C)


Loxwood – parishes of Ebernoe, Kirdford, Loxwood, Northchapel, Plaistow & Ifold and Wisborough Green (2 seats)
Gareth Evans (LD)
Natalie Hume (LD)
Christian Mahne (C)
Christine Pierce (C)


Midhurst – parishes of Bepton, Cocking, Midhurst, Stedham with Iping (Iping Ward), Stedham with Iping (Stedham Ward), West Lavington and Woolbedding with Redord (2 seats)
Judy Fowler (LD)
Margaret Guest (L)
Gordon McAra (I)
Caroline Neville (LD)
Nicholas Thomas (C)
Sally Watts (C)


North Mundham and Tangmere – pairshes of Hunston,
Tangmere, North Mundham and Oving (2 seats)
David Betts (LD)
Simon Oakley (C)
Christopher Page (C)
Andrew Sheppard (UKIP)


Petworth – parishes of Petworth and Tillington (1 seat)
David Hares (LD)
Eileen Lintill (C)
Jonathan Rodell (L)


Selsey South – parishes of Selsey South Ward (2 seats)
Bridget Ash (L)
Roger Barrow (C)
John Elliott (C)
Mark Farwell (L)
Tim Johnson (LA)
Simon Scotland (LD)


Sidlesham with Selsey North – parishes of Sidlesham and Selsey North ward (2 seats)
Lucy House (G)
Donna Johnson (LA)
Carol Purnell (C)
Jane Scotland (LD)
Tricia Tull (C)
Southbourne – parish of Southbourne (2 seats)
Tracie Bangert (LD)
Jonathan Brown (LD)
Bob Hayes (C)
Nigel Hogben (C)


The Witterings – parishes of Birdham, Earnley, East Wittering, Itchenor and West Wittering (3 seats)
Graeme Barrett (C)
Toby Bowman (UKIP)
Stephanie Carn (G)
Maggie Gormley (LD)
Elizabeth Hamilton (C)
Pat Hunt (UKIP)
Sue Milnes (LD)
Joe O’Sullivan (L)
Laurie Pocock (I)
Martin Silcocks (I)
Susan Taylor (C)


Westbourne – parishes of Compton, Marden, Stoughton and Westbourne (1 seat)
Roy Briscoe (C)
Claire Power (LD)
Ann Stewart (G)

(C) = Conservative,
(G) = Green,
(I) = Independent,
(L) = Labour,
(LA) = Local Alliance,
(LD) = Liberal Democrats,
(P) = Patria
(UKIP) = UK Independence Party

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