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Election nominations for Chichester City Council

Voters in Chichester have the choice of almost 50 candidates at next month’s elections.


The city council’s new five wards have a total of 49 hopefuls seeking votes on May 2, with 18 seats across all wards.


At present, the council of 20 members across four wards is split politically with 13 Conservatives , six Liberal Democrats, and one Green councillor.



This is a full list of the candidates for the Chichester City Council:


Chichester Central (2 seats)
Martyn Bell (C)
John Halliday (C)
Anne Scicluna (LD)
Malcolm Shepherd (L)
Ray Webb (LD)


Chichester East(4 seats)
Sarah Barnett (C)
les Hixson (C)
Cherry Hughes (LD)
John Hughes (LD)
Kevin Hughes ((L)
Jane Kilby(C)
Sarah Lishman (L)
Janet Maxwell (C)
Christopher Spink (C)
Barbara Stewart-Newell (LD)
Michael Woolley (LD)


Chichester North (4 seats)
Peter Budge (C)
Tony Dignum (C)
Margaret Evans (C)
Peter Evans (C)
Craig Gershater (LD)
Catherine Harry (LD)
Theo Kent (L)
Matthew Leeming (LD)
Bethan Norrell (LD)


Chichester South (4 seats)
Mandy Atikinson (L),
Heather Barrie (G)
Angus Bond (LD)
Debbie Carter (G)
Patricia Conry (C)
Nigel Galloway (C)
Diane Gardner (LD)
Polly Gaskin (G)
Zoe-Elizabeth Neal (C)
Sarah Sharp (G)
David Tilley (LD)
John Turbefield (LD)
Philip Wilson (L)


Chichester West (4 seats)
Lawrence Abel (C)
Clare Apel (LD)
John-Henry Bowden(LD)
Andrew Emerson (P)
Stepehen Hill (C)
James Hobson (L)
Julian Joy (LD)
Simon Lloyd-Williams (C)
Derek Marsh (C)
Aimie Merrett (L)
Richard Plowman (LD)

(C) = Conservative,
(G) = Green,
(I) = Independent,
(L) = Labour,

(LA) = Local Alliance,
(LD) = Liberal Democrats,
(P) = Patria
(UKIP) = UK Independence Party

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