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Phone thief caught

A COUPLE who were subjected to daylight robbery are appealing to find the woman who recovered their items.


Niamh and John Allen, from Cocking, made a trip to Chichester city centre on Friday, only to become victims of a terrible crime.


Parking outside Cubitt & West in a disabled bay in West Street, the couple had visited the city centre to pick up a prescription and run a few errands. Mr Allen got out the car and opened the boot to remove his wife’s wheelchair.


As he was assembling the wheelchair,he placed his wallet and mobile phone on the floor of the boot and began to put the chair together.


The next minute Mr Allen looked up and noticed that a man was sprinting away from them and his phone and wallet were gone.


He said: “I thought, ‘well that’s it, our day is over, we might as well pack up and go home now’ because I had no wallet.


“A few minutes later, a lady came towards us, out of breath and said she had managed to chase after the thief and recovered my phone and wallet.


“We were absolutely amazed that she had done this and managed to catch him.


“It’s extremely publicly spirited of her and very brave. I’m not sure many people would want to run after someone and tackle them for something stolen.”


Mr and Mrs Allen said they were so busy caught up in the shock that someone had managed to track down the thief and recovered their items that they did not have a chance to get the woman’s name or thank her.


They are therefore asking the woman to get in touch by calling Mrs Allen on 07917 274 266 so they can make an appropriate gesture of thanks to her.

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