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New design is care free

A LOGO has been chosen to represent the city’s car free day after a competition was launched in January.


A campaign group wants to trial a scheme inside the city walls one Sunday a month. Key aims of the campaign are to reduce pollution, make it more safe with fun places to walk and cycle by extending the heart of the city outwards and to help combat climate change.


As part of this, the group had asked the public to help design a logo. The winning one was designed by Kenneth Dolman, a retired professional graphic designer, who said that he saw the competition in the Chichester Post and decided to take part ‘on a whim’.


He backs the campaign as a great way for people to enjoy the city streets without having to worry about cars.


His logo cleverly re-brands the campaign as a Carefree day. The addition of the extra ‘e’ is a fun play on words and encapsulates the aspirations of the day to take away the stresses and pollution associated with the over-dominance of motorised vehicles on our city streets.


Kenneth’s motivation for producing the design is twofold. Firstly, he confesses to having a pure and simple love for creating logos. When he read the story in the Chichester Post calling for a car-free logo, he couldn’t resist rising to the challenge of creating an original graphic.


Secondly, he is keen to promote car-free days in the city where families can happily explore the streets in safety and enjoying freedom from traffic.


Cllr Sarah Sharp, from Chichester City Council, said: “I am delighted with Kenneth’s design, which reflects just what the day is about. We hope the day won’t be focused on the negative but can unlock the good things about having a carefree time.


“The clever design takes Chichester’s city centre and redraws this as a leaf shape with a representation of the four key streets – East, West, North and South Street.


“It puts a family in the centre of our city and I like this as people and their health and well-being are so central to the core of the campaign. We want to bring more people into the city.


“Our hope is that with time we can grow this campaign to cover the inner city centre, even if this year we only manage to have a small event on September 22.


“We are aware that some people don’t welcome this idea and we hope to work to smooth out people’s misgivings but equally there are a lot of people who are excited by the possibilities that a Carefree day can deliver. There are exciting times ahead for the campaign!”


The Chichester Car Free Campaign has received enthusiastic, positive feedback from members the Chichester Business Improvement District (BID) and it is hoped to work closely with them to arrange an event on September 22 to coincide with International Car Free Day.


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