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Don’t be idle about the city’s air quality

CAMPAIGNERS took to the streets on Monday and Wednesday this week to stand up for clean air.


The aim of the events was to encourage motorists to turn off their engines when waiting in queues.


Whyke Road in Chichester suffers from queuing traffic because of the railway barriers and resident, Hilary Nation, asked The Whyke Residents Association and city councillor Sarah Sharp for assistance.


The campaign involved handing out leaflets to drivers about how to improve air quality and to politely ask them to turn off their engines and was supported by the county council which added its logo to the flier to support to the initiative.


Cllr Sharp said: “Idling wastes fuel and costs money. Research has shown that too much idling can even damage your vehicle.


“We even found out that air quality inside a car can be much worse than air quality outside the vehicle, so switching off your engine can improve your passengers’ health too.


“It is really important for passengers’ and other road-users’ health that we keep idling to a limit. By switching off your engine, we can reduce the health risks linked with toxic air like heart disease, lung cancer and asthma. The vast majority of drivers kindly switched off their engines which was brilliant.


“We were pleased that most people were friendly and happy to take the leaflet. It is an important message and we think a positive one – as we know that we can all make a difference and improve our air quality.”


The group encouraged residents to volunteer to help at future events. Contact Sarah on 07789 843556 or email:

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