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Community News & Views | Sarah Mukherjee visits Harbour Conservancy

Chichester Harbour Conservancy welcomed Sarah Mukherjee last week, as part of the Government’s review of all national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty.


Ms Mukherjee, who is one of the members of the review panel, is a former environmental journalist and is currently chief executive of the Crop Protection Association and visited the harbour last week.


The Government’s project, referred to as the Glover Review, is looking at specific areas of the UK countryside to understand what legislative improvements can be made.


An independent review panel has been set up to oversee the process and report back in the autumn. The conservancy has submitted written evidence to help support the review’s research process in which they focused on three key areas: greater harmony between National Parks and areas of beauty on statutory purposes, funding and co-operation; strengthening of planning protection; and safeguarding the Chichester Harbour Conservancy Act of 1971 which has been central to protecting this area for nearly 50 years.


In order to get a full flavour of Chichester Harbour, Ms Mukherjee met with members of the conservancy and Chichester Harbour Trust, farmers and marine businesses, and representatives from the Friends of Chichester Harbour to help demonstrate the conservancy’s unique approach to partnership working.


The day’s agenda involved a presentation and detailed discussion over challenges facing Chichester Harbour, as well as an opportunity to get out onto the water. Ms Mukherjee also visited the newly refurbished Dell Quay education centre to understand the conservancy’s work with schools and other groups locally and from around the country.

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