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Love is in the air for the city’s path

Supporters of the Centurion Way Walking and Cycling Path met on Saturday to share their love of the path and nature and to recruit more members.


Chichester city councillor Sarah Sharp said: “It was great to see so many volunteers taking time out of their weekends to support Centurion Way.


“We had home-made heart biscuits to give out to members of the public who stopped and signed up to the campaign.


“We still don’t know the outcome of the confidential negotiations between the various landowners.


“It would be tragic if the end of Centurion Way was truncated and lost its wildlife and natural feel that makes it so appealing as a place for family bikes rides and for dog walking.


“This route is key for many people’s health and wellbeing, as well as being a valuable commuter route. We were out in force gathering support so that this doesn’t get forgotten by the decision-makers.


“We also used the opportunity of the ‘Love Your Path’ event to gather up empty beer and cider cans and lots of other rubbish.


“A deposit scheme would help to encourage people not to throw away their rubbish.


“We know how much damage can be done to the natural world around us by the plastic some people throw away so carelessly so it was great to be able to start to clean up our path yesterday.”

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