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Legal issues continue over Market Avenue traffic lights

PLANS to relocate a pedestrian crossing in the city centre are still ongoing.


The crossing at Market Avenue and St Pancras was moved when planning permission was granted for a convenience store in Unicorn House. However, Sainsbury’s pulled out of the move and it opened as restaurant, Giggling Squid.


In June last year, Cllr Jamie Fitzjohn, from West Sussex County Council, said the lights were put too close to the junction of Market Avenue, which means they had to synchronise with Market Avenue.


He also stated that the crossing was causing major problems with congestion and the highways department had agreed to put it back. However, as the developer paid for it as part of planning permission, it turned into a legal battle.


Speaking at a meeting on Tuesday, Cllr Fitzjohn said: “One of the comments which was made previously was to see when and if the current use (the Giggling Squid) was well established as a restaurant.


“We have had confirmation from our legal department that it is classed as established, it is a restaurant and it is there to stay.


“The next stage is potential litigation with regards to the developer paying for the lights.


“Once we understand that from our legal advice, we could progress to the next stage.


“The next stage is looking at the cost of putting the lights back. We have to price the costs of the litigation first.”

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