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Noddy News January 2019

MOUNT NODDY Animal Centre supports the local work of the RSPCA in Chichester and surrounding areas.


We provide care and assistance to hundreds of dogs and cats each year who need a second chance in life to find a forever home. We are currently looking for people who would be interested in fostering for us, so that we can help more animals. The cats and dogs that come into our care may have been abandoned or neglected, and in some cases owners are simply not able to care for them any longer. At this point, the RSPCA steps in to provide that care.


Here at the centre we have a wonderful team dedicated to the daily care of all our residents. We ensure every animal is treated as an individual, putting into place training plans, taking care of dietary needs, providing veterinary care, and, of course, providing care and affection. Despite this, arriving at the centre can be a stressful time for our animals. They are in unfamiliar surroundings, with unfamiliar people and housed in close proximity of other dogs and cats which can be especially stressful for some animals. This is where volunteering as a foster carer can be an important part of rehabilitating some of our dogs and cats.


We are looking for local people willing to open their homes to a dog or cat looking for a fresh start. When you foster a dog or cat from our centre, not only are you helping the rehabilitation of that animal, you are also freeing up much needed space at our centre for other dogs and cats in need of our help. Fostering an animal is a vital role. It helps animals to adjust to home life and helps improve their chances of finding that special forever home.


As part of our rehoming service, all our animals are carefully assessed and prepared for their new start in life, however sometimes due to the stress experienced at the centre, we do not always get to see all these individual characteristics. Fostering can be a great way of allowing an animal to come out of its shell, and the individual character to shine through. Having this extra information is really useful for the staff, and really helps us to find the perfect new home.


Many of the animals that come into our centre have had a difficult start in life and have not received the care, love and affection that they need to thrive. Living in a foster home provides them with one to one care, helping to build their confidence and provide them with a real home environment, that despite our best efforts, we are not able to replicate at the centre.


Fostering animals can also be a very rewarding experience. It’s a special feeling to know that you played a key role in the process when an animal you have fostered is successfully rehomed. Shel Cash is a full time animal care assistant at the Mount Noddy Animal Centre and has fostered both dogs and cats: “I love fostering because you are giving that animal a safe and secure place to recover or gain confidence. I always like to take in those who need a little extra time and care. Watching them grow healthier and more confident each day is really special and when you see them leave for their new start in a forever home it’s really the best feeling in the world”.


If you are interested in finding out more about fostering for the RSPCA then please get in touch with our fostering co-ordinator Leah on 07740367 344. Alternatively, you can email on – we would love to hear from you.


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