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Council salaries

CHICHESTER District Council has confirmed a new pay structure for its employees.


The new salaries will come into effect in April and follow a comprehensive job review.


Around 12 per cent of employees (47) will be subject to decreases whereas 46.4 per cent (182) will see an increase and 41.6 per cent (163) of staff will see no change at all.


The 12 per cent of staff who are set to see a reduction in their pay will be will subject to the council’s salary protection scheme whereby their pay will be fully or partially protected for a period of three years before fully reverting to their new terms and conditions.


Changes were agreed by members of a Chichester District Council cabinet meeting on Tuesday and will be referred to full council. They also agreed a proposed new reward scheme which included support of £303,500 per annum and £360,600 to fund the salary protection costs.


The primary aim is to ensure the council is continuing to pay staff fairly through equal pay for equal work, rather than to create unnecessary upheaval through changing everybody’s salary. If adopted, staff will be notified before the end of January.

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