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Trudy paints up a perfect picture of work at studio

OVER 100 visitors attended an artist’s open studio in Hambrook last Saturday.


Trudy Redfern, who is famous for her driftwood horse sculpture, held the event to showcase her work.


An array of work was on offer, including large oil canvases of horses and racing, African and English wildlife.


There were also smaller canvas oils of domestic animals, wildlife and landscapes plus oils painted on location of landscapes, horses and other animals.


A variety of mediums were used in Trudy’s work, including pastels and conte drawings (composed of compressed powdered graphite or charcoal mixed with a wax or clay base) of animals, horse sculptures, still life and life oil paintings, pencil drawings and watercolours.


Trudy said: “It is always very encouraging to see people’s reaction to my art. They are amazed at the range of artwork.


“I hold these open days based on people’s requests. It is an opportunity to market my work. It generates more work in the form of commissions and requests to do talks and demonstrations.


“There wasn’t a particular theme to this event – just a chance to see all my work together. I have been exhibiting in many galleries this year all over the country but it was a chance to see all my work together.”


Following a very successful show, she will extend the exhibition. If anyone is interested in purchasing a piece of her art they are welcome to visit but please ring or email first . If anyone is looking for a Christmas present Trudy has also offered to open her studio on request only.


For more information, call Trudy on 07740 647310 or visit:

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