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New homes approved at former holiday park

PLANNING permission has been approved for 85 new homes at the South Downs Holiday Park in Bracklesham.


At their meeting on Wednesday, councillors on the planning committee approved the application by Seaward Properties for the new homes on the site, which includes 30 per cent (26 units) as affordable homes.


Redevelopment of the former South Downs Holiday Park includes the erection of the homes with vehicular access, a local equipped area for play, public open space, footpath links and other infrastructure.


The item was withdrawn from the agenda of the September meeting of the planning committee due to issues relating to access via Clappers Lane.


When the item came up again at the November meeting, councillors were concerned about the density of the scheme at 40 dwellings per hectare.


There was also debate over the illustrative layout showing driveways fronting on to Clappers Lane.


Members agreed to defer the application for negotiations with the developer on the illustrative layout.


The site was granted permission in December last year to change the use from a holiday park to agricultural works accommodation for a temporary period until October, 2019.


At Wednesday’s meeting, councillors raised concerns about a new application put forward for the agricultural workers to live here for a further three years and increase numbers from 300 to 400.


Officers explained that these were separate applications and there was no reason why both planning applications could not be granted.


After the November planning committee meeting, negotiations took place including the number of dwellings reducing from 85 to 80 units at 37.5 dwellings per hectare.


All three-storey flats and two and a half-storey houses are now replaced with two-storey houses and the open market one and two-bedroom flats in the south-west corner of the site were omitted and replaced with housing.

Posted in Local Developments, News.