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Beloved path users unite in rain to celebrate a busy year

USERS of a popular and beloved footpath ventured out in the rain to celebrate the end of a busy year.


Councillors and residents from Chichester and beyond met on the path at the bridge over the railway near the side entrance to Bishop Luffa School.


Seasonal refreshments were shared and lanterns decorated to hang on the trees which are under threat if the path is diverted by the developers of White House Farm project.


Sarah Sharp, pictured above, said: “Despite the weather on Saturday, we handed out leaflets about our campaign – our leaflets might get soggy, but our enthusiasm for the campaign is still burning strong! We are still meeting people who do not know about the developers’ plans to divert the path, so it is really important we continue to have a presence on the path and get the word out about the danger the path is under.”


“Recruiting new members and supporters is key for us, especially as we have two new ideas for fundraising which we will be focussing on in the new year.


“Firstly, we want to help get the Archway restored and put back on the path. Secondly, we believe that it is essential for the highways authority to be provided with accurate figures of usage of the path before the path gets diverted.


“We have over a year’s campaigning under our belt now and what a year that has been – our exhibition in January, visits to the path by key decision-makers and creative new plans from John Grimshaw, the original designer of the path.


“I cannot thank all the volunteers enough who have made this all possible.”


The Friends of Centurion Way have planned a series of monthly events for 2019, starting with the traditional Beating the Bounds ride/walk on New Year’s Day at 11am.


You can sign up by visiting: email:

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