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Council approves more homes

Cabinet members from Chichester District Council have approved the new local plan, which includes provision of 12,350 new dwellings over the plan period, which equates to 650 per year.


The local plan review will cover 15 years, until 2035, and will now be reviewed by all councillors at the full council meeting on Tuesday.


A minimum of 2,500 homes would be provided on strategic sites through neighbourhood plans which includes: Chidham and Hambrook parish – a minimum of 500 dwellings. East Wittering


parish – a minimum of 350 dwellings. Fishbourne parish – a minimum of 250 dwellings. Hunston parish – a minimum of 200 dwellings. Southbourne parish – a minimum of 1,250 dwellings.


The council has also commissioned a transport study to look at the impact development will have on the road network and suggests measures to mitigate this impact. This will be available alongside the local plan review.


This includes proposed works to junctions on the A27 Chichester bypass. This is a different and separate set of proposals to those that have previously been the subject of consultation by Highways England and discussion by the Build A Better A27 group, which dealt with wider traffic and congestion issues rather than solely mitigating the impact of development within the local plan review.


District council leader Tony Dignum said: “The plan’s housing allocations to specific towns and parish are rarely received with acclamation.



“But as councillors we have to agree a plan delivering an annual number of homes fixed by central government. When a housing figure goes down in one area, then somewhere else is going to need to accept a higher figure in order to balance the books and deliver the plan total.


“The government inspector in approving our plan in 2015 laid down that a full review must be completed by 2020, in particular a review of the housing numbers.


“The 2015 plan laid down a figure of 435 houses per annum within the local plan area. The current government formula lays down a figure 40 per cent higher than that, namely 609 houses pa for our new plan. In addition, South Downs National Park Authority has asked CDC to provide up to 41houses per year. So the 2020 plan will have to identify deliverable sites providing in total up to 650 houses per year.


“Our choices of locations have to avoid the South Downs National Park and the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Beauty. We have to avoid the worst flood zones and we have to take account of the poor access to and from the Manhood.”


Full council will make the final decision at its meeting on November 20. If full council agrees, the consultation would take place over eight weeks, starting on December 13, and ending on February 7 – an extended time to take account of the Christmas and new year period.


At the meeting there were several questions from members of the public.


Mr Mike Dicker said: “On September 21, 2018, Cllr Potter at Boxgrove Village Hall announced that there is no point raising the A27 (at the meeting) as district councillors had been advised by officers that the RIS2 money would not be forthcoming.


“I have been seeking this advice since then under a Freedom of Information request and the matter is currently the basis of a complaint to the Information Commissioner.


“Why is the district council promoting a scheme when just three per cent of respondents to the 2016 public consultation supported option 3?”


Cllr Dignum responded to Mr Dicker, saying: “I want to assure everybody that the district council is working closely with the county council and remains totally focused on achieving improvements to the A27 bypass that will provide long-term benefits.”

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