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Survey for Fishbourne residents for new village home proposals

People living in Fishbourne are being asked for their views on proposals which could see hundreds more homes built in the village.


A survey, compiled by a community group set up by the parish council, is being distributed to every home in Fishbourne, so everyone has an opportunity to have their say.


Fishbourne Parish Council chairman Geoff Hand said: “Fishbourne is being asked to find land to deliver a significantly increased number of houses. The new homes are in addition to the ones included in our existing Neighbourhood Plan, which have already been built.


“It feels as though we are being punished for our positive approach to house building up to now.


“The parish council is particularly concerned that all or part of Bethwines Farm, on the western edge of the village, could be included in a list of possible sites.


“This could lead to up to 1,000 houses being built on prime agricultural land. The fight is on, and this survey is the first skirmish.”


The survey is an effort to find out the priorities of residents regarding local infrastructure requirements and their views on where additional housing in Fishbourne should be built in the future.


As well as being delivered to each home, copies will be available online and at the Fishbourne Centre, and other locations around the village including schools and pubs.


Completed surveys should be returned by October 31.

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