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Loo’s refurb after 30 years

PUBLIC conveniences in Tower Street, Chichester, will receive a refurbishment after almost 30 years.


The toilets, situated near the library and Novium Museum, are well used, with almost 20,000 users between June 13 and August 20, 2018, averaging around 289 uses per day across the ladies, gents and disabled facilities.


At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, councillors agreed to spend reserves of £65,000 (subject to approval by full council) to supplement the existing £80,000 from the asset replacement programme.


The original £80,000 was found to be insufficient to cover the additional drainage issues and substructure work.


Although there is no statutory requirement for local authorities to provide and operate public conveniences, the Vision for Chichester city includes an attractive, clean and welcoming environment and meets the equality act.


Chichester District Council leader Tony Dignum said: “The disabled toilet is completely unfit for purpose.


“I think members will agree that having decent public facilities is of course a key element of the Chichester Vision and public conveniences are a key part of that.”


Cllr Eileen Lintill agreed. She said: “I think this is long overdue. The report says that usage is high. I suspect when they are refurbished the use will be even higher because I am sure, and I for one, will never go in there, they are not very pleasant. The sooner we got on with it, the better.”


Cllr Jane Kilby said: “I, too, support this proposal. It’s in very close proximity to many of our visitors tourist attractions and to where the coach drop-off points are. I think it should be undertaken as soon as possible.”


A CCTV investigation will be undertaken to determine the extent of the work required to renew and upgrade these drainage works.


The proposal is to re-locate the diabaled facilities to the front of the building, utilising some of the space in the ladies toilets which would allow access from Tower Street. Work is expected to start in 2019.


Cllr Roger Barrow said he felt it was absolutely essential. “Our Little London toilets won the loo of the year award. This one is rather a contrast to that so hopefully we can also enter this one into next year’s loo of the year award.” He said.

Posted in Local Developments, News.